Increasing Your Homes Curb Appeal with a New Roof Color


There are many things that you can do to increase the value of your home. Many homeowners focus on the inside, updating a bathroom or kitchen, or adding some new paint. While these are important, you also need to consider some of the curb appeal and how your home looks from the outside. One thing that will instantly increase the curb appeal of your home is a new roof color. 


How Does My Roof Add to the Curb Appeal?


A new roof can really help your home stand out from the rest, no matter what color it is in. an old roof falling apart can age your home and reduce its overall value. A new roof will help it stand out and can be a great point when it is time to sell the house later on. Your buyers do not want to handle replacing a whole roof right when they move in. 


While a new roof will make a difference, you should also consider the color. The right color of a roof can give a more cohesive look to the whole home, making it stand out in its beauty. In the past, you were stuck with just a few colors on your roof, so you may find that the current roof on your home is pretty dull. Today, there is a full spectrum of browns, blacks, greens, and grays to choose from for traditional shingles. 


If you decide to go with metal roofing, your color options expand even more. You can choose the color that matches the rest of the home better, which adds flair to the exterior of your home and enhances its curb appeal. 


How to Pick the Right Roof Color


Changing the color of your roof can be a big decision. You need to pick a color that not only stands out but one that suits the look and feel of your home. Some of the things to consider when picking out the color of your new roof include:


  1. Look at Existing Home


Try to pick a roof color that will complement the home features you already have. Think about the color on the window trim and the home’s siding and consider what will look the best with it. If you plan to keep the home the same color, then base your decision on that. However, if you plan to repaint the home, pick a roofing color that will look the best with the new color on the home. 


  1. Choose the Style


Many homeowners do not realize there is more than one style they can choose for their roof. The 3-tab shingles can provide a comforting and traditional look to the roof, while the architectural or premium designer shingles can make the roof stand out. This may depend on your own personal preference. Consider the shingle style that other homes in the neighborhood use. A cohesive style throughout the block can increase your curb appeal. 


  1. Add Some Definition


Make it your goal to add a little definition to some of the prominent lines of the home. 3-tab shingles are best for some of the ridges, but this doesn’t mean you are stuck with it throughout the whole roof. A modern and stylish look can help outline some of the natural architecture around the whole home. Use these as the ridge caps to set your home apart. 


  1. Go with Quality Assured Roofing Shingles


When picking out your shingles, always go with the Quality Assured options. These will help make sure that your shingles will last a long time and your investment will be worth the time. 

You do not want to pick out the perfect color and then find out the shingles fade and look ugly. 


Updating Your Roof


When it comes to updating your roof, it is important to make the right decisions. A new roof can help protect your home while increasing curb appeal, but you want to do it right because the investment is so big. Trust the experts to help take care of all your roofing needs, whether big or small and be assured that the roof will look exactly how you want when it is done!

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