When you’re searching for a roof contractor in Broken Arrow, make sure you do your homework and don’t settle for the first roof contractor you stumble upon. Avoid those contractors that show up at your door following a severe storm, most scam artists work this way (not all, but most).

Get a couple of comparable quotes, but don’t just settle on the cheapest option, because you want the best, high-quality craftsmanship for your roof. Make sure the contractors are insured, certified, licensed, and bonded. Also check to see that they are rated highly when it comes to manufacturers designations.

It’s also a wise move to choose a local contractor from within your community. Get referrals and check with their customers (maybe even neighbors of yours) and see what they thought of the work performed. Always, and we mean always, get the details of the job in writing and only work with a company that’s open and honest and will communicate with you every step of the way. If

you get the feeling their annoyed at your questions, find another roofing contractor in Broken Arrow.

Roofing Repairs

When it comes to roofing repairs, hopefully, you spot any problems before they become major headaches. Some roofing repairs are simple and won’t cost much, such as a missing or damaged shingle or two. And of course, some problems may require a complete roof replacement.

The most common roofing repairs have to do with shingle repairs and replacement as bad weather and normal wear-and-tear can cause shingles to become damaged, dislodged, or broken. But since shingles are easy to replace or repair, this doesn’t have to mean you’ll face a big financial hurdle. Leaky roofs, flashing repairs, and storm damage can also lead to roofing repairs.

Roofing Installations

Hiring the right roof contractor for your roofing installation is an extremely important decision as your roof protects your family, home, and belongings from the elements. You want your roofing installation to be performed by the best, most qualified, and experienced roofing contractors in the area not to mention done with the best materials and products.

This assures that once the roofing installation process is complete, your roof is not just aesthetically pleasing but will function superbly for many, many years. A poor roofing installation with subpar materials and shoddy workmanship will expose you, your family, your home, and possessions to potential problems that can be disastrous and costly.

Roof Inspections

Some roofing problems can be easily spotted, even by someone who knows nothing about roofs. But it takes an experienced hand to spot most roofing problems so when it comes to roof inspections, trust in the experts.

Besides the obvious need for roof inspections when buying or selling a house, it’s wise to have a yearly roof inspection done to make sure your roof is functioning properly and doesn’t need any repairs. Some repairs, caught early, can be fixed easily and won’t cost you too much.

These types of repairs can also make sure that these small problems don’t become major ones. Every roof needs to be replaced, eventually, but it’s a wise and prudent homeowner who adheres to the importance of routine roof inspections and roof maintenance to put off the expense of roof replacement as long as possible. This allows you to get the maximum out of the lifespan of your roof.

Roof Replacements

A lot goes into roof replacement so before you enter into a contract for a new roof, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Make sure the roofing contractor you use places the protection of your property as a top priority, which should include protecting things like walls, siding, plants, bushes, etc.

They should also remove all the old roofing materials, perform a thorough roof inspection, preparing your roof’s surface for the shingles or materials chosen for your roof, installing the new roofing materials, complete cleanup of the site and your property once complete, and a final, thorough inspection to make sure the job was done correctly and to your specifications.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are becoming a more popular choice of roofing material as time goes by, and they are ideal roofing materials for larger buildings and outbuildings. The number one advantage of a flat roofing system is the cost. It’s a very inexpensive choice not just because of the cost of materials and installation but it’s also cheap to maintain and upkeep.

Another advantage of a flat roofing system is once you have your flat roof installed, you can make use of the space on top of your building. Some people and business owners will place things like air conditioning units or chose to install solar panels on their roofs. Thinking outside the box, you could even place a rooftop garden on your flat roof.

Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs are certainly entirely different from residential roofing requirements. There are a wide array of commercial roofing services available, and make sure you have them performed by a company with contractors that are experienced on commercial roofing systems as well as certified, licensed, insured, and bonded.

Roofing services should include the following on any type of roofing system: roof repair, roof leak repair, emergency roof repair, roof replacement, roof construction, roof restoration, roofing inspections, roof maintenance, roof snow removal, and even specialty concerns such as solar panel installation, roof waterproofing, and green roofing.

Metal Roofing

There are many different styles, colors, and types of metal roofing available. There’s aluminum, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, copper roofing and other exotic metals such as stainless steel, zinc, and titanium. These types of metal roofing choices can provide the look and feel of just about any style you want.

Advantages of metal roofing include longevity and durability (metal roofs can last from 40-70 years and stand up to severe weather). They’re exceptionally safe and energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is the most common roofing material and for good reason, they offer a superb variety of styles and colors, their exceptionally affordable, easy to install and repair and also durable. Shingle roofing can last from 15-30 years before replacement becomes necessary.

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