Wind Damage

Living in Tulsa Oklahoma means living with tornadoes and the damaging effects they can have on your home.  Tulsa is considered a high-risk area for storms as the city averages three tornados a year.  Between 1950 and 2018 there have been a total of 250 documented tornadoes in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Burggraf Roofing is Tulsa’s trusted roofer and has experienced staff that can assess any wind or tornado damage.  Because of all the tornado activity and the damaging effects of high winds, it is essential to understand how it can affect your home particularly your roof.  Below is a list of damaging effects wind can cause to your roof:


  • Missing Shingles

When high winds hit your roof, the impact is not equal across the entire area. Generally speaking, the edges of the roof along with the roofline are the most susceptible to wind damage.  As the wind rips across your roof, it can catch on anything, especially loose roof shingles, and tear them right off.  This damaged area might only be a shingle or two, but if neglected or not fixed, it can grow exponentially over time and other high wind events exposing your roof to more damage if water or moisture can enter where the shingles are missing.


  • Flashing Damage

Flashings are strips of metal or other material that are placed around vulnerable parts of your roof including the chimney, skylights, and vents to keep water or moisture from entering the roof.  Because they are usually made from thin pieces of metal, flashings are incredibly vulnerable to strong winds and can easily be damaged or torn off completely.


  • Gutter Damage

Gutters can be damaged during high wind speed weather events as the fasteners used to keep gutters in place can easily be ripped off.  High winds also carry debris that can be deposited into the gutter causing it to clog; this along with heavy rain can cause the guttering to sag and eventually pull entirely away from your home.


  • Shingle Curling

Wind can damage your roof by catching under roofing shingles and causing them to lift and curl.  When strong winds roll across your roof, they can create suction and pull roofing tiles up damaging them and causing the roofing nails to come loose, this type of damage is hard to spot because from the ground the roofing tiles look fine.  When winds damage roofing tiles, they can also cause them to curl making them susceptible to being entirely torn from your roof as well as exposing the roof under the tile to water and moisture.  If you spot roofing tiles that are curling, they need to be fixed right away before any more damage can occur.


  • Tornadoes

Part of living in Tulsa Oklahoma is having to deal with tornadoes and the destruction they can cause.  Tornadoes can have wind speeds of up to 300 mph and have been known to uproot large trees and pick up cars and hurl them hundreds of yards.  The high wind speeds tornadoes generate can not only hurl objects on your roof causing damage, but they can also rip the roof right off of your home.


  • Debris

During any weather event that includes strong winds, debris can be picked up and dropped on your roof causing damage.  Any item that is loose outside is capable of becoming a projectile if the wind gusts are strong enough.  Often these high winds will pick up tree branches and drop them on your roof where they can puncture it causing costly damage.


While there is no way to keep your roof wholly protected from wind damage, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your roof.  It is essential to have a professional come out at least once a year and inspect your roof for any weak spots that may be susceptible to wind damage.  It is also essential to have your roof checked following a tornado or other high-speed wind event to make sure your roofing tiles and flashing have not been compromised.  It is less expensive and easier to fix problems before they become so large that you need to have the entire roof replaced.

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