From residential to commercial roofing services, we’ve got you covered. Our services include roofing repairs, roofing installations, roofing replacement, roofing inspections as well as full-service concerns with flat roofs, commercial roofs, shingle roofs, and metal roofs of all types, styles, and colors. Each of our expert roofing contractors is highly skilled and trained in all aspects of roofing. They’re also licensed, certified, insured, and bonded as well as have the highest rating from manufacturers designations available. When we’re on the job we perform to your specifications and will do it right the first time, on time, and on budget.

Protective Roofing Repairs: Ensure Longevity and Save Costs

Once the roof of your house has a few years on it, you need to start thinking about the prospect of roofing repairs. Yearly roofing maintenance and roofing inspections should be more than just a consideration. A properly maintained roof will assure that it reaches its lifespan or length of time dictated by the warranty. The types of roofing repairs you need to be aware of are leaks, missing shingles, rusty metal and flashing problems. The process of getting your roof repaired is fairly straightforward, just call us up and we’ll dispatch an expert to your home right away for an initial assessment. If you adhere to a yearly roofing maintenance and roofing inspection schedule you’ll avoid those super costly roofing repairs.

Roofing installation is one of those things that it's an absolute necessity

Roofing Installations

Can you perform roofing installation yourself? Well, sure. Should you? No, not really. Roofing installation is one of those things that it’s an absolute necessity to make sure the job is done right the first time. A poorly installed roof can be disastrous to a homeowner. You need to ensure you have a company that understands this and isn’t just trying to rush through the job, rather, takes pride in knowing that a job well done on their part is going to mean peace of mind on your end. Quality control, customer satisfaction, and exceptional craftsmanship equals that peace of mind you need as well as a spectacular looking roof for your home.

Roofing Replacement

Sometimes roof repair simply won’t suffice and roofing replacement will be recommended. An initial inspection and assessment will determine the route to take for your roof, and if roofing replacement is called for, you need to know that you choose for the job has a thorough and exceptional plan of attack. Some homeowners may have chosen to replace a previous roof with a new roof placed on top of the old. This is fine unless it has been done too many times. The ideal decision is to remove the old shingles down to the wood. This will allow for you to fix any underlying problems with the guts of your roof, so when the newer roof goes on, you’ll have less to worry about in the future.

Roofing Inspections

There is more than one reason to have roofing inspections performed on your home. The most obvious is that it’s a prudent decision if you are either buying or selling a home. As a buyer, you need the peace of mind that the roof of the home your purchasing is sound. As a seller, you can increase your property value and the total price you’ll receive for your home with a new roof if a roofing inspection calls for one. This also will allow you to feel good upon the date you sell that the new buyer won’t have any of those ‘uh-oh’ moments after purchase. Roofing inspections are also a smart decision to have done on a yearly basis to make sure the existing roof of your home is in tip-top condition. A routine, annual roofing inspection will catch small roof repairs that can be easily (and inexpensively) fixed, which in the long run could save major headaches and big repair bills.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are all the rave in the roofing industry right now, and for good reason: they’re more modern and stylish and easy to maintain. They’re also affordable. Like any expenses you incur as a homeowner, you want to get all the information you can about a decision, particularly if you decide on a flat roof for your home or business. There are advantages to a flat roof, and the most attractive advantage is the cost. Flat roof materials average less per square foot than other types of roofing materials. As a business owner, one other advantage is that a flat roof allows you to store things on the roof or install solar panels or air conditioning units up there.

Commercial Roofs

When considering which commercial roof company to hire for your next commercial roofing job, there are some key points to consider before choosing. The roof of the building or facility you’re considering work on is an important consideration, one not to be taken lightly. With that said make sure you don’t get too stuck on the lowest bid, this doesn’t always mean the best job to be accomplished. Always look into the experience and how long your potential commercial roofer has been in business. Check around and ask friends, colleagues, or others about the company you are considering. And always, always, get everything in writing. Handshakes and verbal agreements aren’t the way to do business for your business.

Shingle Roofing

There are many reasons why shingle roofing is far and away the most popular, not just because about 75 percent of North American homes have them. Yes, they are one of the cheapest — and easiest — choices of roofing materials. Just looking at national average pricing (which could be different than where you live) you could have a new shingle roof installed for less than $5,000. Longevity is also a consideration as you can get up to 30 years out of a shingle roof (depending on the type you choose). Also, there are a plethora of choices so that you can get any style, type, color or texture for your roof which shingle roofing.

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Metal Roofs

If you are considering a metal roof for your home or business as opposed to wood, asphalt, or tile, you need to know the pros and cons you’ll be facing. Life expectancy is most likely the number one advantage of a metal roof with a properly installed metal roof lasting as long as the house itself. The installation itself is an advantage as is considering how easy it is to install, which will save on labor costs. It’s also fire resistant, it conducts heat, has a minimum roof pitch and is impervious to the elements like rain or snow. The main disadvantage is that the cost — depending upon the style chosen — can be more than a traditional roof.

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