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The most popular roofing material used in homes throughout the United States is asphalt shingles. This roofing type is ideal for residential homes because it requires minimal upkeep, keeps homes protected for decades, and comes in countless different color and style variations.

If you’re looking into asphalt shingles for your roof, you’ll want to do your homework to determine what options are out there. Here is a detailed look at the four main types of asphalt shingles available today.


Traditional Shingles
Traditional shingles are the older version of asphalt shingles that are still on the market today. Also referred to as 3-tab shingles or strip shingles, this roofing type has been improved today to include a fiberglass mat replacing the original cellulose core. When traditional shingles first hit the market, they were much smaller and required manual sealing. Since then, the 3-tab shingle style has become more widely used, with a self-sealing process that occurs when the sunlight hits the newly installed roof. Since this newer style of the traditional asphalt shingle requires less manual labor, roofers can charge homeowners less for the installation. Another feature that was specific to traditional shingles was their monotone color. Offering a more aesthetically appealing appearance, today’s traditional shingles combine several shades. In addition to being better to look at, these shade variations are also better at masking any imperfections found on roofing done in one single color. Traditional shingles have a consistent and straightforward appearance. All of the individual shingles within the 3-tab are identical in shape, and all lay flat perfectly next to one another.


Architectural Shingles
Another common type of asphalt shingles is architectural shingles, also known as dimensional or laminate shingles. What sets architectural shingles apart from traditional shingles is their construction, as rather than being made from one single layer, they are made from two. Both layers of architectural shingles are a combination of fiberglass and asphalt. With the added protection of double layering, these shingles are known to be incredibly weather-resistant. Architectural shingles were historically brought to the market for visual aesthetic purposes only. Eventually, roofers realized that these shingles were easier to install and provided more protection to homes. Today, architectural shingles are the most popular type of asphalt shingles out there. You can quickly identify architectural shingles because they have such a unique look to them. Rather than being cut into identical shapes, like traditional shingles, architectural shingles have alternating single and double layers. This design is commonly referred to as “dragon’s teeth.”


Premium Shingles
Premium shingles are sometimes referred to as designer shingles and have a similar two-layer composition, much like architectural shingles. The primary feature differentiating the two roofing types is that premium shingles have added options to create a more luxurious look. Often, premium shingles are designed to look like other types of roofing material. It is not uncommon to find premium shingles made to look like slate tiles or cedar shakes. Ultimately, premium shingles were designed to provide homeowners with a more upscale look without the cost and downsides of those types of roofing.


Performance Shingles
Several asphalt shingle types fall under the performance shingle category. This title means that the shingles have been specifically designed to offer performance benefits. Some of the standard performance benefits you will find include solar reflectivity, hail resistance, or wind resistance.


Wind Resistance
Wind resistance in performance shingles can help keep your roof intact during high winds while minimizing the threat of blow-off or wind uplift.


The impact from hail is often sudden and brutal, so shingles that have been impact-rated mean that they resist hail better than alternatives. Not only do these roofing types have a better chance at maintaining their quality through hailstorms, but they may also qualify you for a reduction in your home insurance premiums.


Algae Resistance
It is common for algae to grow on rooftops in many areas across the country, but this can be problematic. Algae can leave behind black stains, so performance shingles with algae resistance offer algae-resistant granules to reduce the growth on your roof.


Fire Resistance
Class A Fire Resistance is the highest fire-resistance rating you can get for a roof. To maximize the fire rating, you must install the whole roof system.


Why Choose Asphalt Shingles for Your Roof
Not only are asphalt shingles available in countless style options, but they are also widely available across the United States and Canada. Asphalt shingles are also very easy to install, so they are common for roofing contractors to offer to homeowners.

As if that didn’t sound good enough, asphalt shingles are also one of the most affordable roofing options out there. You can check with your contractor for other cost-saving options for your roofing project, such as installing new shingles on top of your old ones.


Wrap Up
Now that you have a better idea of the four main types of asphalt shingles, it’s up to you to decide what is best suited for your home. Keep in mind the different benefits of each while also researching to find the costs associated.

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